Bubbling Up

This is a fluid acrylic painting on a deep edged canvas with a resin coating. The resin gives it a glass like appearance and enhances the colours.

The canvas is sized 6 x 12 inches.

Price £35



Strata is a fluid acrylic painting involving the use of silicone to produce quite a lot of cells in the painting. It is evocative of rock strata, hence the title!

The painting is on a thin edged canvas sized 50 x 20cm with a lovely resin coating to accentuate the colours.


Sea Horse

This is a new painting using my fluid acrylic technique but adding in some silicone so that cells are produced in the paint. This ones uses my favourite colours of blues and greens and has a resin coating which has come out really nicely and accentuates the colours really well. It is a small painting sized 12 inches x 9 inches on thin edged canvas but has some lovely detail in it.